November 2006




Thanks to Jessica C., who brought it to my attention first, and to the Greenpoint Coffee Shop where I found an issue: the first (?) new publication by HWB since Three Weeks! I don't know how many there are or where they were distributed - around Brooklyn at least - but in an introduction they write that they 'dedicate ourselves to irregularly, occasionally, and self-indulgently putting into the public discourse this informative pamphlet.'

The new pamphlet is larger than Three Weeks, and folded in half. It contains just the four essays listed on the front: "On Fear," by Eliza Anne Bonney, "On Banning Things," by Henry William Brownejohns, "On the Public's Low Opinion of the President," by Alexander Swartwout, and "On the Pope's Offense," by Jonathan Ephrain Underhill. I am working on getting a picture of the cover onto the site! It's another beauty.

Anyone else who has found it, please email me to tell me where else it is available. Keep your eyes out! (It's FREE, too!)

There's a new mailing and email address on the inside cover, as well:

Four Essays

PO BOX 220191

Brooklyn, NY 11222

email: editors@fouressays.net

September 2006

I left the site alone for a while, doing other things, and haven't really been posting. But here's thanks for all the attention since Brownejohns.org was linked by The Nonist. The Nonist's jmorrison claims to have known Henry William Brownejohns personally, though he doesn't give many clues. He seems sincere, but I can't help but wonder if HWB, Swartwout, Bonney, and Underhill might be involved in the Nonist after all. Either way, it's a great blog that sort of redirects its readers to all kinds of interesting obscure corners of the web.

October 2005

Up and running on the new hosting service! Thanks for waiting. Now pages should pop up a lot faster, and the cover scans won't take any time at all.

It's been a while, anybody seen anything Brownejohnsian out there?

August 2005

Back from sort of a long absence. Gotta make a living! Sorry if you missed me. I've added two Underhill essays to the Other Writing page: "Dogs of War" from the Independent, and "On the Distribution of Wealth" from "Fodder."

I'm thinking of switching hosts so I can put more text up and get the covers to come up faster. So if you visit in the next month and the site's down, that's why. Don't forget to come back!

June 2005

I've posted a scan of the covers to "Fodder" and "TVoN," since they are such nice looking books and I was feeling a little nostalgic. Now we've got images of every one of Brownejohns's publications (except for all the Philly Independents - they are just too big to fit on a scanner!) See the books here.

March 2005

The Philadelphia Independent #21 is out, and it says it is the LAST ONE (for a while). First the election disaster and now this? Where can we get our literate rants against the government? We'll have to see where HWB turns up next. Soon, we hope. Until then, I'm posting everything I can get my hands on!

Feb. 2005

Finally put up Brownejohns' essay "On Political Parties" from the book "Fodder." I know it took a while but it's LONG. It's also incredibly interesting. I wish I could have put it up BEFORE the election. Anyway, it's still worth reading - see it on Other Writing.

Jan. 2005

Inauguration Day for King George. In honor I've posted Swartwout's "Banana Republic Puts Self in Hands of Monkey Man" here. It makes me feel a little better every time I read it.

Dec. 2004

Just found out from a reader that they were handed a copy of a single-sheet essay during the RNC in New York, this September, written by Brownejohns. But they didn't keep it! DOES ANYBODY OUT THERE KNOW ABOUT THIS ESSAY OR HAVE A COPY? According to my source it was called "About the Convention " and was printed on on a single half-sheet of paper. It was definitely by HWB, because they had read him in the Independent before. If ANYONE has this essay, I'd love to post it here for everyone to read - you can just send me the text or (even better) a scanned image of it. I know they were handing out papers and books at the convention, but maybe there was more to get...

Dec. 2004

Posted the Intros to both recent books, "Fodder" and "To Vote or Not". Also posted the cover scans for "Three Weeks" issues 3, 4, and 11. That means we now have covers for ALL 18 ISSUES!

Dec. 2004

New Philadelphia Independent (Number 20) has an article by Alexander Swartwout, called "Banana Republic Puts Self in Hands of Monkey Man." This is the BEST piece of writing about the current situation in politics I've seen. A MUST-READ. Right now it's available at philadelphiaindependent.net
There are a lot of other good articles in this issue, too (front page headline: GOD HELP US)

Nov. 2004

WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?! I don't know if I can stand another four years.

Oct. 2004

Philadelphia Independent #19 is out with a Brownejohns article about the Republican National Convention. He reports that he was at several marches and demonstrations - makes me think if we were standing right next to each other and I didn't know it.

September 2004

The Philadelphia Independent is in town for the Republican National Convention, and they're selling newspapers and their NEW BOOKS!! I found them in Union Square and a friend got a paper at the Sept. 1 march.

September 2004

The Philadelphia Independent has published TWO NEW BOOKS full of writing by HWB, AS, JU, and EAB!!!!

The books are called "Fodder, or Essays Against the Administration" and "To Vote, or Not." "Fodder" is 150 pages, with a blue cover, it is labeled "The Blue Book," while "To Vote.." is a slim 55 pages, cover is red ("The Red Book")

Here's the blurb from the 1/4-page ad in the Independent #18:
"TO VOTE, OR NOT: A correspondence direct from the Letters pages of this paper, To Vote, or Not examines the primary question of the primary season: should we even bother to show up? With contributions by Editor Mark Lotto, reader Robert Helms, Contributing Editor Alexander Swartwout, and the Editors of The Philadelphia Independent. Edited by Henry William Brownejohns.

FODDER: No American newspaper has combined scathing good sense and irrefutable foresight in its editorial writing over the course of George W. Bush's administration as has The Philadelphia Independent, and if for no other reason other than to save face with the archeologists of our doomed civilization, we here compile our favorite editorial essays for the dissident's pleasure. With essays by Henry William Brownejohns, Mattathias Schwartz, Jonathan Ephrain Underhill, and Alexander Swartwout. Including uncollected and as yet unpublished pieces of opinion, and "A History of the Political Parties," by Mr. Brownejohns. Edited by Eliza Anne Bonney."

They're $5 at the bookstore or from The Philadelphia Independent website. A lot of this stuff has been printed in TPI already, but "Fodder" has unpublished and uncollected writing, and they are both beautiful books. Just in time for the election! Buy them for your Republican friends! (If you have any)

July 2004

As you can tell I've revamped the site a little bit, and added this page to keep track of improvements at Brownejohns.org, and to report on any sitings, discoveries, revelations, etc.